Mongolian Fried Pies

My friend Dorna recently visited our mutual friend Lauren in Mongolian, where Lauren has been working on a documentary about Mongolian music (check out the awesome blog she’s created to document her experience here).  During the trip, Dorna sent me a picture of women making khuushuur, a fried Mongolian goat meat pie.

Says Dorna:

As far as I can tell, Mongolians have a pretty limited ingredients list. Meat, flour, and sometimes other things. One of the more delicious combinations of these ingredients results in khuushuur, which looks suspiciously like fried pies…

Wikipedia has some things it wants to say too: ahem ahem: “Some Mongolians hold the fresh khuushuur between their palms and also with the tips of all fingers to stimulate the nerves and blood circulation in the hands. This is believed to be curative. In some occasions, a hot khuushuur is placed on the soles of the feet and other selected places to treat neurosis and health conditions related to the balance of the air element of the five elements composing the human body.”  —

From empanadas to khuushuur to Southern American fried apple pies- fried pies are an international phenomenon.



4 thoughts on “Mongolian Fried Pies

  1. Hi! I discovered your plans when I was living in Oak Ridge and a Grinnellian did a map of where all the [plans] users live, so I’ve been reading your [plans] since.
    Taiwan offers a similar fried leek pie 🙂 I’ve waited in line for about an hour once for this. You can find similar ones (not in fried pie form) at dim sum restaurants. There’s one on Kingston Pike near a Asian grocery store (Sunrise market?) called Little Szechuan or something that has good dim sum.

  2. Calling khuushur “fried pies” make them sound much more delicious than they actually are. But, I guess when you’ve been in the countryside for a week and you’re starving, they can be pretty darn good.

    It’s worth noting that there is one khuushur place in Ulaanbaatar that serves up khuushur with ingredients like kimchi, ox tale, and general goat guts… mmm.

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