Dale’s Fried Pies at Market Square Farmer’s Market!

At long last, we’re pleased to announce we will finally be debuting our pies at the Market Square Farmer’s Market this Saturday, September 29th!  We’re extremely excited to be joining such a great group of farm, food and craft vendors.
This day will be doubly exciting because our proceeds will go to Graham Marema, our first inductee to Dale’s Fried Pies Awesome Girl Squad!  We can’t wait to see (or, more accurately, hear) what Graham will produce!
We won’t be there every Saturday because of prior pie events and travel commitments, but check us out on the following days (and look at our Calendar page for a full list of where you can find the stand):
Sep 29
Oct 27
Nov 10
Nov 17
Dec 1
Dec 15
Dec 22


You can now stay up to date on where Dale’s Fried Pies will be with our new Calendar page! Yippie!


One Month In

Things have been moving incredibly quickly since we launched Dale’s Fried Pies on August 9th. We’re now at the Bearden Beer Market on Wednesday nights from 8pm until about 11 or so. We have several events lined up for the fall, including Downtown Knoxville’s Food Walking Tours, the Botanical Garden’s Fall Festival, Ijams’ Fall Plant Sale, East Tennessee’s Biggest Bake Sale and a wedding at the beginning of November.  We are really hoping to be at the Market Square Farmer’s Market this year, but due to restrictions against hot oil cooking on Market Square, we’re stuck until we can find a restaurant downtown that will allow us to use their fryers to make sure the pies are fresh and warm for the market.  We’re confident we will find a solution, but have to be patient while we work out the details.

The interest and enthusiasm for Dale’s Fried Pies has been incredibly encouraging. I’m so grateful to live in such a warm and supportive community. We had some great posts about the stand from local bloggers, a short clip about our opening on the evening news, an extensive article by Mary Constantine at the Knoxville News Sentinel and most recently, a cooking demo on the local morning show.

I have learned so much in the past month, and still have a lot to learn.  We are looking forward to growing and evolving as a business and as a part of the Knoxville community.  As we grow, we want to make sure we stay in touch with the community that has so graciously supported us, so please send ideas and feedback whenever the notion strikes you!  Our current dreams include renting or building our own commercial kitchen, buying a food truck to increase our mobility and flexibility and working with local event planners to book more private events, weddings and parties (because Dale’s Fried Pies LOVES a good party).

Mongolian Fried Pies

My friend Dorna recently visited our mutual friend Lauren in Mongolian, where Lauren has been working on a documentary about Mongolian music (check out the awesome blog she’s created to document her experience here).  During the trip, Dorna sent me a picture of women making khuushuur, a fried Mongolian goat meat pie.

Says Dorna:

As far as I can tell, Mongolians have a pretty limited ingredients list. Meat, flour, and sometimes other things. One of the more delicious combinations of these ingredients results in khuushuur, which looks suspiciously like fried pies…

Wikipedia has some things it wants to say too: ahem ahem: “Some Mongolians hold the fresh khuushuur between their palms and also with the tips of all fingers to stimulate the nerves and blood circulation in the hands. This is believed to be curative. In some occasions, a hot khuushuur is placed on the soles of the feet and other selected places to treat neurosis and health conditions related to the balance of the air element of the five elements composing the human body.”  — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khuushuur

From empanadas to khuushuur to Southern American fried apple pies- fried pies are an international phenomenon.