Pie Stand

Slowly but surely I’m hatching a plan to unleash my fried pies across the great land of Knoxville, Tennessee.  Check back for updates about upcoming events and ways you can help launch Dale’s Fried Pies.

Food trucks are pricey, as is buying a non-food truck and retrofitting it to serve as a functional and legal food truck.  I plan to do the latter, because the specific needs of a fried pie truck are pretty basic and most commercial food trucks will have far more amenities than I’ll need.

Until I can afford to take on a truck, I’m going to be building a mobile pie stand to sell pies at private events, Farmer’s Markets and festivals.  I’m envisioning a larger version of this little beauty from Lowe’s, which I found via Apartment Therapy:

image via Lowes.com

Yesterday I shared this newly created website with my friends from college and am blown away that several of them have chosen to donate without me even pestering them for money! In the event you would like to make a donation using the button on the right, current donations will go to supplies for building this stand and to rent a commercial kitchen to prepare and store the pies.

Thank you Laura, Jessica, Kate, Cristina, Bridgette, Lila, Dorna and Dave!


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